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    VMWare credentials


      Is there something odd going on with the VMWare credentials for discovery scans?

      I am using the same set of credentials as my regular Orion modules but it seems that only domain accounts work.

      Have even tried root, but it will not work.

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          Hi, I'm curious if when you add the VMWare Credential on the NTM Network Discovery Wizard, does the Test button shows a success against the target device?

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              the test works against a vcenter server but always fails against a host.

              The same credentials work with SAM.

              The prompts lead me to believe that NTM requires the use of domain accounts for host management instead of allowing local accounts. SAM allows both.

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                  That works pretty normal. I believe the VMware credentials are used to query data from VMware servers only, not on the actual guest virtual servers as those should use WMI/SNMP to get more detail information. However, part of the information that can be polled from VMware servers are the list of associated guest virtual servers.


                  To gather more detail information about the guest servers, ensure the following items to be included in your Discovery and see if it helps:

                  • VMware server and guest servers’ IP addresses
                  • VMware credential used by the VMware server
                  • WMI or SNMP credential used by guest virtual servers
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                      I don't mean the guest servers,

                      The vcenter server is just the central management server for the cluster of ESX hosts - each host has a bunch of guests running on it.


                      As I said - NTM seems to require domain accounts and will not use local accounts from the ESX servers

                      Whereas SAM will use either.

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                          Good Morning, has there been any update on how to fix this or make it work >?


                          using NTM


                          At the Testing Phase of the VMware Credentials doesn't seem to work,

                          "Test Credentials" -

                            I've tried the following account

                          • root,
                          • Administrator@vsphere.local,
                          • the Domain vCenter Service Account,
                          • Master Domain Admin Enterprise


                          Devices tested

                          Vcenter 5.5 IP, Domain Name, FQN

                          ESXI IP, Domain name, FQN.


                          all Failed.


                          any help?