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    few questions about Orion platform without NPM?


      I will make a fresh new installation of NCM, VMan, IPAM and UDT. I know that NCM, IPAM and UDT use Orion platform but I have few questions:

      • can I use Orion integration module to integrate VMan with NCM, IPAM and UDT console without NPM?
      • can all above modules (VMan, NCM, IPAM and UDT) share the same SQL database (I think yes but just to be sure)?
      • is 'Alerting, Reporting and Mapping' application group included into NCM, IPAM and UDT modules as Orion platform element (as well as 'Advanced Features' apps group). Other words - will I have Network Atlas and Advanced Alert Matager and Report Writer on Orion platform?


      Can anobody answer that?