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    Difference between the SONAR found under NPM and the one under Engineering tool set


      Good Day Everyone,


      I am new to Solarwinds and was trying out the SONAR tool available under the engineering tool set. I went through the good tutorial videos for NPM and when the instructor was explaining the part where he adds the VMWare credentials I realized that the the SONAR tool I downloaded on my laptop isnt the same and dint seem to have the option to add VMWare ESXI credentials and windows credentials. Infact the whole tool looks different.


      Initially i thought may be its different versions. But if its not are their difference in the functionality of the SONAR available under the engineering tool set (installed on laptop) and the one found under Network Performance Monitor.



      If so are there any documents explaining the functions of both so the users would be able to choose the best suited.


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