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    With NTA 4.0 I see that directories do not get correct permissions set resulting in Access Denied messages in my backup program.


      I recently upgraded to NTA 4.0 with the binary DB on a new servers second disk. Whenever I try to backup that server (it's a VM) I get an error message that the backup failed because "resources are unavailable" and it took me a while to find this is coming from the current day directory in the Flows sub-directory having weird access permissions.

      I have the DB on D:\SolarwindsNTA_Data\ and just to name one directory of today is D:\SolarwindsNTA_Data\flows\TN#2014-12-02@12_0


      When I try to re-apply the existing ACL I get this error message



      A CHKDSK revealed no issues on the disk.


      Is there anyone else having this issue?