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    UCS host seen as a Wireless Controller with no volumes


      We just enabled SNMP on one of our UCS servers (C200 M2), but NPM is seeing it as a Wireless Controller (Wireless Controller is displayed in bold at the top of the page, in front of the IP address).  The odd part is the "Description" section is correctly listing the device (there is also no bar down the left side).  Having said all of that, my main concern is that the "Disk Volumes" section is empty.  "List Resources" only has two options: ICMP vs. SNMP and the interface statistic resources (Availability, Traffic, and Errors).  We experienced a hard drive failure on that server this week and I need SW to be able to tell me when it happens next time.  What am I missing?


      We are running NPM v11.0.1.