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    Interface alerting'


      Newbie with NPM so this might be a stupid question or answered some where.  I apologize up front.


      Is there a way to alert on just a subset of added interfaces for a device?  Say I wanted to add all my interfaces but only wanted to alert on 3 specific interfaces (and on multiple devices).  I see the default alert on interface up/down only cover all interfaces.  I was wondering if there was a flag or a way to add a flag so we could just indicate alerting on those interfaces we were interested in while still managing the rest.

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          Sure, you could (copy and) edit the alert definition to be more specific ala:


          12-2-2014 6-01-38 PM.png

          For more advanced functionality Custom Properties are very flexible: http://www.solarwinds.com/resources/videos/video-tutorial-managing-custom-properties-in-orion-npm.html

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            I'm having a similar problem to dkoski and the solution given doesn't match anything I'm looking at, the documentation Creating a Custom Property to use on an interface doesn't seem to help me either, nor does the document Creating alerts on Interfaces.  In fact, Creating Custom Properties instructions link you to Creating a Custom Property.  Aren't those the same thing?  And yet both are useless.


            In my case, I have 2 SonicWall firewalls.  Both have interfaces that connect to the local LAN, the Internet, and the bridge between the two.  We've been having issues with the interface on one SonicWall that connects to the other.  Right now the only ways we know something may have happened is that traffic drops or slows (but users don't always report that), if I happen to be sitting in front of the SolarWinds Orion Summary and see it go down, or if we get an alert from the firewall after it's come back up, which could be several minutes since it went down.  The solution would be to use the software we're already using for monitoring that interface and put an alert on it.


            In Orion, I have both SonicWalls set up and all interfaces on both are being monitored.  In my mind, I should be able to click on the interface I want to put an e-mail alert on and create an e-mail alert from there, just like you would any other node.  Apparently it doesn't work that way and all the solutions involve a lot of coding or setting up properties of something that is not intuitively obvious as to what you're doing.  Since Orion can already monitor those interfaces, it would be logical to assume that there would be an easy way of setting an e-mail alert on one of them.  The device and the interface are already defined in the system.


            I'm a newbie, too, but seriously folks.... this can't be the first time someone has wanted to do this.  There's got to be an easier way to set this up.  We have all kinds of switches and routers on our network and I really don't need an e-mail alert on them.  In fact, most of them go up and down due to what is being plugged into them during the course of a work day, so I don't care about those particular ones at all.  I just want an e-mail alert on one interface on one SonicWall that is already in monitoring. 

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              You should be able to create a custom property for the Interface, and configure your alert to use that custom property as part of the trigger.  Keep in mind when you create a custom property, you can select the custom property for node, interface, group, etc.

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                  That isn't helpful.

                  I tried that with the documentation that is there, and it doesn't work.

                  It also seems to be the long way around a straight-forward problem.


                  I did finally find the answer.  If I used the Email Me when an Interface goes down, on the trigger condition choose the node ip address is equal to the IP address of the SonicWall and click on the + and Add single value comparison and then choose Interface instance is X0, that will work.


                  Why this isn't in the documentation for creating alerts on interfaces is puzzling.


                  For dkoski, I think you're answer is the essentially same:

                  Choose the Alert that you want to use (I used the e-mail one),

                  Choose the IP address of the device and then use the And/Or option and add the interfaces.  You will have to add each one, but I think it will work.  That should throw the same alert no matter which interface goes down.


                  I might be wrong on this, but it seems logical and it's a much easier answer than most everything else.  It SHOULD be an easy answer, so I'm thinking that if this isn't it, it's close.



                  I should make this clearer:

                  On the Trigger Condition and Reset Condition, use

                  Only the following set of Objects

                       Node     IP      is equal to      [ip address]

                       + And/Or

                       Interface      Instance      is      [Choose an object from your Orion Summary]


                  Hopefully that works for you.  We haven't had a great test yet, but we did see it come back up, so I'm thinking it's working.

                  Let me know if that doesn't work for you.  I'd like to know.  The documentation and help with a lot of these seems to be made for people that like to program  and customize the crap out of things.  I just have a few simple things I need to work. 

                  I personally hate programming.  It's tedious.  It's especially tedious when you already have many of these things defined and just need to put those objects in the right place.