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    How to add options


      When building a DHCP Scope in IPAM (Orion Platform 2014.2.1, IPAM 4.2)

      How do you add custom options like 150, or 128?



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          If you are wanting this to be a simple text field, you could try using an IPAM custom property. 

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            Option 150 is a cisco proprietary option for Call Manager isn't it? I seem to recall that from a few years ago when I worked for a company that also did voice installs. If that's what you're trying to configure, is your actual DHCP server on a windows server, linux/unix, or a cisco device? I'm not too sure about linux/unix but I know on a windows server it has to be added to even show up as a potential option for the server. At a guess, I think the state of IPAM right now is that they're either working with default available options or only reading available options from the server. I don't think you can create an option through IPAM that doesn't already exist on the server. I would hope that IPAM would be able to import the option once it exists on the windows server but I don't know.


            If you need to do this for a windows server, in the DHCP console on the server right click IPV4 and select set predefined options. The next dialog should give you an option to add your custom scope options. If you're feeding your DHCP from a cisco device or linux box you'll need to google that process. Rescan your DHCP server in IPAM after configuring this and let us know if it shows up. I'm curious to know . Even if it doesn't show up, the option is being fed. You just won't get to observe it in solarwinds. I'm sure if you let them know, that's a feature they'll add in as soon as they are able.


            If you need to add the option on a linux/unix or Cisco device you'll need to google it unless someone else can tell you how. I haven't messed with serving DHCP from either one for a long time.

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              Still no answer. Has anyone built a scope and used option 150?