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    Inserting Universal Device Poller value into Advanced Alert email as variable


      I am creating an Advanced Alert based on a UnDP that I have configured to return a temperature status.  This Advanced Alert is working correctly by returning a value between 1 and 5 from the specific OID ( 1 V Low Temp, 2 Low Temp, 3 Normal Temp, 4 High Temp, 5 V High Temp).


      These values are based on a configurable range for the device in question.


      I have a second UnDP that returns the actual Temperature value.  This is also working correctly.


      I want to reference the actual Temperature value from the second UnDP in the Alert email generated by the first UnDP.


      Is there a way to do this with variables or do I need to generate some type of SQL to do this.


      I haven't historically messed around with the NPM database.  Where do I find the information that I am looking for in the database?


      TIA for any help.