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    Cisco Switches, Fan Monitoring, Universal Device Polling, OIDs...Step by step for me the New Guy.


      Hello Thwack Community,


      I am in the process of pushing the limits of what Solarwinds can do for the school system I work for.  I want to monitor the fan status of my core Cisco Switches (4500E).  I downloaded the latest MIBs from Solarwinds, installed them on our Solarwinds server (via the instructions) and now I'm trying (without any success) to monitor more than just UP or DOWN of the online status of our devices.


      Can someone point me in the right direction?  A 101...step-by-step guide to do a simple...very simple UnDP example on a Cisco Switch???   (I don't care what OID...I just want a WIN...I've been striking out on this topic.)


      Thank you in advance for any guidance the Thwack Community can show me.