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    Duplex Status



      Just a quick question Can the current release of Orion show Duplex status or is it still only a feature of the switchport mapper in the Engineers toolset.



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          I'm also trying to find out my Server and Cisco switch duplex settings, I do have an OID for physicalAdapterDplxMode from Intel but my servers return a "A Value was not found" while testing with custom mib pollers ("Select OID" dialog).

          Can anyone shed some light please on why Orion can't give me the status? And also if this isn't possible now will it be in the future?



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              Will this be a feature in the future Or is there anyway to do this currently in Orion. For our size database using custom mibs isn't possible.

              Anyone any info on this?



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                  From http://tools.cisco.com/Support/SNMP/do/BrowseOID.do?local=en&translate=Translate&objectInput=

                  Values1 : unknown
                  2 : halfDuplex
                  3 : fullDuplex
                  MIBEtherLike-MIB ;   -   View Supporting Images
                  Description"The current mode of operation of the MAC
                  entity. 'unknown' indicates that the current
                  duplex mode could not be determined.

                  Management control of the duplex mode is
                  accomplished through the MAU MIB. When
                  an interface does not support autonegotiation,
                  or when autonegotiation is not enabled, the
                  duplex mode is controlled using
                  ifMauDefaultType. When autonegotiation is
                  supported and enabled, duplex mode is controlled
                  using ifMauAutoNegAdvertisedBits. In either
                  case, the currently operating duplex mode is
                  reflected both in this object and in ifMauType.

                  Note that this object provides redundant
                  information with ifMauType. Normally, redundant
                  objects are discouraged. However, in this
                  instance, it allows a management application to
                  determine the duplex status of an interface
                  without having to know every possible value of
                  ifMauType. This was felt to be sufficiently
                  valuable to justify the redundancy."



                   This OID might be what you are looking for. a Universal Device Poller configured to poll that OID for your interfaces might do the trick.

                  Orion does not poll by default that information.


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                      Hi Yann,

                       yeah I am aware of that OID but it the way it displays the information isn't really manageable. Even if we were to tie it into a custom alert so to filter the results, it still returns info about interfaces we do not need to monitor. Hence why I said in the last msg that it's not really possible using the available MIB.

                      This is due to the fact that we are monitoring over 2 thousand devices with a total of 8 thousand elements when you include the Interfaces we monitor on those devices. To set up an alert to filter only the interfaces that we monitor and maintain that sort of alert is not in anyway possible even if we were to use the custom property editor. Which is something we have tried to do in the past which was a pain.

                      I was looking at a way of filtering syslog and forwarding the messages as traps because we are receiving syslog msgs about duplex missmatches. But the one big issue here again is that we can't filter msgs to the degree we are looking for.

                       Thanks for your reply Yann I'm greatful you took the time to looki into it.



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                        I couldn't get that to work on the routers' interfaces I was trying to check.  this one worked.