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    How to sync two Orion systems


      So for DR purposes we're looking at having two separate independent Orion systems (NPM,SAM,NTA,NQM) in two physically separate data centres. The systems will ultimately be active/active and monitoring the same groups of nodes. The question we have is how do we keep both systems in sync such that we have the same elements available on each system? For this we’d need to cover:

      •          Nodes
      •          Custom views
      •          Alerts
      •          Templates
      •       Maybe other things too?


      We came up with the few ideas to do this such as:

      1.       Build a new front end to add/remove nodes using the SDK which would auto add to both systems

      2.       Sync certain tables from one database to the other - but which ones?

      3.       Build a configuration download/upload utility using the SDK (or other tool?) to copy the config from one system to the other (our HP based monitoring systems provide these command line tools to upload/download configs).


      I’m pretty sure many customers use the redundant systems idea. If this is the case, I’m sure there may be others out there doing something very similar to what we’re proposing to keep the configs in sync. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’d like to gain the benefit of community's experience with this and adopt what works best to keep the config’s synchronised.


      Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?