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    Why am I not receiving syslog messages or SNMP traps in NPM 11.0


      Hello Everyone,

           I am having some issues getting syslog and snmp traps to show up in NPM. It also isn't showing up in the syslog viewer either. I will be the first to say I am a newbie.... We just purchased this software a few months ago and I am still working on getting everything set up correctly. I just upgraded to 11.0 yesterday and I love it!!! I have been working on the syslog issue for a couple weeks now seems like it something I am just not getting. I do have SNMP trap service running also.


           I am currently just testing this on the server that Orion is installed on, when I go into event viewer and go to applications and services logs. I see a log called "solarwinds.net" In that file I see 457 events. Which are full of SyslogSerice and  Trapservice under the Source column in event viewer. So I know they are... Do I need to right click on the "solarwinds.net" attach a task to this log? I am just not sure where to go from here... I am new at this company as they just hired me as there network engineer. So I am trying to make boss man happy as he wants all the syslogs and traps in one location so he can speed up his maintenance time in the mornings.


      If you need anymore information please let me know,

      Thanks again for your time!!!