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    Webinar 7/23: Know Before You Go: SQL Server on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines


      Running apps on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines is tempting; promising faster deployments and lower overall  TCO. But how easy is it really to configure and run SQL Server in an Azure VM environment? This webinar will examine the critical facets beyond the mere provision of the SQL VM, and look at the characteristics and considerations for tuning, optimizing, and the key indicators for monitoring performance. We’ll look at special considerations for High-Availability and Disaster Recovery, and pay some special attention to scalability.

      Please join Scott Klein, Microsoft Data Platform Technical Evangelist, author and speaker, and Thomas LaRock, Sr. DBA, performance expert, and Head Geek at SolarWinds, for this live webcast. You will learn about best practices for SQL Server on Azure VM, including placement of data files, disk warmups, backups and more.