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    Custom Poller Email Alerting & Variables


      Hi there - I've been reading through the forums here and scratching my head.


      I have a custom poller that is graphing (in this example) APC environmental temperature.  The variable is called APC_UPS_Temperature and displays perfectly on the web interface.


      Now when an alert fires, I want to send out the value associated to this variable.  When I go to "Insert Variable" there is no option to include any of these customer poller variables unless I am missing something.  After reading it appears the only way is via custom SQL queries?  Please tell me there is a better way!


      After searching I found the following SQL code that does not work.  If I'm stuck doing long SQL code for this, can anyone tell me where I broke it?


      Temperature Sensor: ${SQL:Select Status From CustomPollerAssignment as Assignment, CustomPollerStatus as Status where Assignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID = Status.CustomPollerAssignmentID and Assignment.NodeID = ${NodeID} and Assignment.AssignmentName like 'APC_UPS_Temperature'} C


      Thank you,