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    Wireless report


      I am trying to create a report that will show a history of connected wireless clients to a list of APs over a period of time. I dont realy see this type of report. Anybody know how to acomplish this?


      Thanks Jeff

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          Something like this perhaps? Weekly Wireless Session Report

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            If you have a managed switch and say a SPAN port available, you could also a very good real time and historical view of USAGE by sniffing traffic, for example for each connection and client, the IP, user name if they are logging on, bandwidth used, amount of data uploaded and downloaded, and because DPI on actual packet contents is used a lot more detail if you need it down to the website, actual pages and resources accessed, names of files downloaded, etc. 


            Number of sniffers out there including wireshark and the LANGuardian, not sure about reporting per AP though.