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    NOC View in NCM 10.7 - solarwinds footer issues.


      hey all,  we have implemented the NOC view at our institution in to two major monitor screens we have the networks rotating screen and the systems rotating screens. (sam 6.1.1, ncm 7.2.2, npm 10.7, nta 4.0.1, wpm 2.0.1, ivim 1.9.0, vnqm 4.1)= our current deployments.


      The Networks screen is working splendidly, but the Systems screen has a minor issue that some of the management staff would like be to rectify.  The Solar winds footer line with the copyrght information and the versioning info for SAM, NCM, NPM, etc. dosn't stay at the bottom of the page, as the pages rotate it cycles up and down through the page with the line sometimes at the bottom and sometimes in the middle of the page behind the different resource windows.


           A. Has anyone esle seen this?


           B. If so anyone have any idea how to fix this issue, I know its cosmetic only, but i need to see about fixing it.


      Thanks, John