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    PMP Radio Link Monitoring and Alerting.


      We have many PMP radio links in our network that need to be critically monitored. The issue we have with monitoring these links with NPM is that the PMP radios have multiple radio links to various sites and there is currently no way to alert on these individually. Creating an alert for each radio link (within a PMP node) is very messy and not an option.


      We can get results via SNMP for each of the links, but generating an alert and current fault state for a specific "link" on a PMP radio is what we need. Has anyone found a way around this, or does SW plan on implementing a change so that this can be done?


      The logic we're looking for can be related to a PC and it's disk space. Each disk is a product of the PC which can be monitored and alert on itself. Without being able to have these PMP links for each radio as an entry in the database it doesn't seem like we would be able to accomplish this.


      Being able to monitor our network performance is pretty important and a feature that the network performance monitor should take into account. The only work around (not even a band-aid solution) is to rely on the slave radio and hope that it only has a 1:1 link which we can alert on (being the alert would be on the node, not a "wireless PMP link" on the node).


      This would be an issue for anyone using PMP hardware, but in our case it's to do with Redline PMP radios.

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          I have a client that had a similar issue that I was able to go and fix. I had to build the system from the ground up which does not seem to be your case but still its not an easy task. I was able to setup custom alarms based on critical radio stats such as low Radio Signal Levels and High Noise Floor levels. Is this kind of what are looking to do or something different?

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              I too have a Redline radio network here in Iraq and recently installed Solarwinds NPM to monitor all our network devices.  I found Clearview lacking and have been able to get some stats on Solarwind but if you have a good custom poller you would be able to share it would be very happy.  I am up to my neck getting Solarwinds installed and monitoring things before the situation gets too bad and we have to get out.  I want to be able to remotely watch the network for as long as I can.  Hope you have something to share and thank you

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              Mark Roberts

              IF the MIB is structured as a Get Table, then this is straightforward to accomplish and using your own analogy if a PC had 4 volumes, then Orion polls the HRStorage MIB and retrieves each row for each volume entry. If one breaches a defined alert threshold an alert notification can be sent detailing exactly which volume has the issue.


              In essence it comes down to how the MIB is structured and whether a GET Table can be utilised.