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    Migrate NPM to new host - not the Database


      We recently purchased NTA and when I set about installing it I realized that the previous owner of my job installed NPM on a 32bit server. The Database is fine where it is, so I only need to migrate the host. I found the migration doc and it assumes that I will be moving the Database as well. What steps will be different considering that? Where are all the custom settings for NPM and SAM stored, in the SQL database? Is it as simple as building the new server, installing NPM and SAM, updating the license then pointing it to the existing Database?

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          >Setup new servers

          >Deactivate licenses on 'old' NPM and SAM with license manager

          >Install NPM and then SAM on new server

          >Activate with correct license and connect to same database

          >Monitor network like usual


          Generally this works with no problems. Keep the old servers running just in case you need to roll back.  Most, if not all, custom settings are in the database.  I know those directions are pretty general but if you need more clarification on any steps just let me know.