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    Recurring calendar changes


      Hi All,


      I have been using solarwinds alert central for while. I use the calendar to record the fact that i'm on call from 5pm to 8am, overnight. Up until 1.1.3 this was fairly easy to do as you could set the start and end time accordingly.

      However, since upgrading to 1.1.4 it seems I can no longer do it. I appear to only be able to select the hours for that day. i can set the start time as 5pm but the latest i can now set the end time is 11.45. This means that for every 1 entry i used to use, i now have to create a second one from 12.00am till 8.00am which is very messy and confusing.


      Is anyone else having this issue and working out a way around it?


      thanks in advance