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    Bulk Emails


      I was wondering if anyone out there has come up with an easy way to send a bulk email to clients stored in the system? I know I could create a distribution list on my mail server, but then I would need to maintain both it and my WHD client list. WHD has provided a nice convenient place to store my client information, but no way send bulk email (for example, when known outages are expected). I would like the bulk email tool to query the same database that WHD stores the client information in.

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          This sounds like a great feature request you should post. The only "workaround" you might be able to do (not ideal) would be to create a 'Survey' that only had the outbound email and no links or anything else.  Once you get all of the clients in the same view, you could send the new 'survey' to them all at once.

          Anyone else have a great idea until this feature is added?  I have been thinking of this as well...


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              Thanks for the idea Rob. I've submitted the feature request. In the interim I intend to use your idea of survey invitations. Even though I removed the default survey link tag, the survey link is still in the email that goes out. Do you know if it's hard coded like that, or have I missed something somewhere else?


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              I ended up solving this. Turns out if you remove the <survey_link> tag, it puts one in for you. So I used <survey_link text="">. Now the link exists, so WHD doesn't decide to be helpful, and since the the link text is empty, there is nothing for the client to click on. Seems like bulk emails are solved.