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    Local Admin account De-activated?


      Today, my free trial of the SolarWinds Web Help Desk expired - one day too short. I also got my License from my vendor, today. So, I went in to try and update the license on the web page and it's informing me that all accounts have been deactivated.


      I remembered that when the free trial expired that the local administrator account was going to be the only one that functioned. So, I went to enter its credentials and it's locked out as well.


      A quick glance on Thwack and I found a reference to this link: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Re-Activating the default admin account


      I completed it, as written. My SQL Server notified me that the query was executed successfully, but the web site still reflects it as being deactivated.


      I then manually edited the columns and saved the row - again, SQL reported it as successful.


      When I refreshed the SQL Management Studio query of the row, the Inactive column had been returned to "1" (or True).


      Any help getting access in order to License my product would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, in advance.