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    SMS Validation not received after upgrading to AC 1.1.4


      After upgrading AC to I wanted to test SMS messages. I removed my additional notification method (xxx@vtext.com, short SMS format), updated the user entry, then re-added/updated. I never received the 'validation' message'. The user entry shows 'Request sent', but I never got it. I was getting SMS alerts prior to the upgrade, and I can send an email to the same xxx@vtext.com address and receive a text message. I noticed this error in 'oncall.log'  -


      12:03:19.033 [NotificationQueue Listener-1] ERROR c.s.o.n.p.EmailNotificationPlugin - email sender failed to send: Alert Central email validation - NID[20731] to <removed>@vtext.com


      Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it?