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    Major discrepancy on wireless statistics and report


      I have started to see a major issues with the way the wireless stats are stored and displayed in NPM.


      I have seen multiple mac addresses jumping between massive geographical access points which is just not possible..


      however what can happen is that any ap can roam between primary, secondary and tertiary cisco wlan controllers...


      this seems to have an adverse affect on the historical reporting as the index for an ap interface changes whern the ap changes to a new controller!?


      so the sumamry reports and trend analysis i am now providing seems to be flawed. I am getting incorrect values next to aps. even when i look through the client history reports on orions web gui. When i query these mac addresses in the client history they are showing multiple different index and node ids.


      any ideas or similar issues? could do with wireless reports being created and shared.


      Reports I have to produce are:


      Summary Traffic Totals per SSID

      Top 25 APS on SSID x/1/2/3 over x amount of time 7 days, 1 month

      Bottom 25 APs on SSID x/1/2/3 over x amount of time 7 days, 1 month


      Wireless Traffic Growth Month on Month

      Top Client Per Month


      Now its only when you start drilling down into the top clients that you notice that the data doesnt match.