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    Bug when clicking 'Save' on Notes




      We are having some serious issues when trying to save Notes in Tickets in WHD.  This occurs on Win 7, Win Vista, and Ubuntu in multiple browsers; Firefox, IE, and Chrome.  Its basically impossible to save a note in Firefox, IE and Chrome will allow you save notes occasionally (typically on a fresh reload of the program with cache cleared).


      I assume no one else has this problem, because I imagine one would see a lot more complaints about it on these forums, I have to wonder what we may have done wrong.


      We are using linux kernal 3.5..0-43-generic.  I had updated the Java JDK for both version 6 and 7 on the server.  We're still running 12.0.0 of WHD. 


      One thing I noticed is that when one does a mouse-over on the CANCEL button you'll see:




      and when you mouse-over the SAVE button you'll see:




      Firebug(Firefox) produces the following error when I try to click on the SAVE button.


      TypeError: formSerializer is not a function


      var serializedForm = formSerializer(form);

      In wonder.js on line 414



        processOptions: function(form, options) {

        var processedOptions = null;

        if (options != null) {

        processedOptions = Object.extend(new Object(), options);


        var ajaxSubmitButtonName = processedOptions['_asbn'];

        if (ajaxSubmitButtonName != null) {

        processedOptions['_asbn'] = null;

        var parameters = processedOptions['parameters'];

        if (parameters === undefined || parameters == null) {


        var formSerializer = processedOptions['_fs'];

        if (formSerializer == null) {

        formSerializer = Form.serializeWithoutSubmits;


        else {

        processedOptions['_fs'] = null;


        var serializedForm = formSerializer(form);

      processedOptions['parameters'] = serializedForm + '&' + AjaxSubmitButton.AjaxSubmitButtonNameKey + '=' + ajaxSubmitButtonName;


        else {

      processedOptions['parameters'] = parameters + '&' + AjaxSubmitButton.AjaxSubmitButtonNameKey + '=' + ajaxSubmitButtonName;




        processedOptions = AjaxSubmitButton.defaultOptions(processedOptions);

        return processedOptions;



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!