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    WHD How to call on an OU's parent OU


      Currently our Active Directory is set up as such:

      DomainOrganizationDepartment1DevicesDevice names
      UsersUser names
      Department2DevicesDevice names
      UsersUser names

      I'm attempting to have the user's department call on Department 1 or Department 2, etcetera instead of Users (think: ou=Users,ou=*). As is, OU lists all users in the "users" department, which isn't terribly helpful. I'd also like to have the Organization be the Location, which would be a similar situation, just one more parent up (think: ou=Users,ou=*,ou=**).

      If this is possible to do through Web Help Desk rather than reordering or editing 200+ users in our AD I'd much rather do it that way.

      Your advice is always appreciated!


      edit: I should note that the Department is also 1 of (usually) 2 groups the users are a member of. If there is a way to call on the objectClass=group by name rather than ID#, this would also work for Department if it takes all groups or if it can take secondary group over primary.


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