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    Do I need Storage Manager?


      Hi All,


      I'm new to Solarwinds (SW) and Storage Manager so please forgive my newbie questions.

      I have around 24 EMC Celerra, Clariion and VNX arrays that I would like to monitor with SW. I have so far set up traps from all arrays that send back to the SW host and work, but now Im trying to set up polling. I can poll the Clariion and VNX but I don't seem to get much information back apart from network usage. No real info on CPU load, disks, volumes, shares etc. I point SW to the admin network on each array.


      Am I doing something wrong with the configuration? Solarwinds seems to poll each of the devices fine but as I said, only returns basic info. For instance, the only item it recognises on the Clariion arrays is the network loopback port.


      I have a few questions.

      I have heard of Storage Manager. Do I need Storage Manager? What does it give me over normal Solarwinds NPM and NCM?

      Also, I cant seem to get the Celerra polled. Is there a specific step by step guide for the EMC Celerra?


      Appreciate your help and thanks in advance.




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          Hi It13624


          As you've discovered, little data is provided by the array vendors via SNMP. In Storage Manager, we are able to pull the vast majority of our information via SMI-S. Comparing NPM and NCM, is a bit of an Apples to Oranges comparison. There is no workaround to pull data from these arrays via NPM and NCM as they do not support SMI-S data collection. I would encourage you to check out the live STM Demo, specifically the EMC Clariion in the Demo to see what data is provided out of the box.

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            Hi Leo,


            SM talks to your arrays using various communication methods For instance, EMC Clarrion /VNX arrays being communicated over SMI-S protocol. The information we fetch from those arrays are unlimited and provide real time performance metrics, capacity information and helps you in storage forcasting. In order to obtain the information, you would need to install the EMC SMIS provider on your network (that has access to Controller IPs of the EMC Clarrion/VNX arrays). Then you shall add the Controller IPs to SMIS provider. Come back to SM and Add EMC arrays using the Provider IP Address using which we will gather the array information and present it to the users in a intuitive way. As Balki said, please have a look at Live STM demo and let us know if you have any further questions.