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    Network Atlas Not showing Links

    Wally Steadman

      Good afternoon all,

      I am new to Solarwinds and my company uses Solarwinds extensively so I am trying to get up to speed with it.  I have been tasked with creating some network topology maps in Solarwinds and when I go into Network Atlas, I have added a couple of devices that I am know have a direct connection to one another.  I did a network discovery to make sure everything had been discovered but when I run connect now, I am not seeing a connection between the two devices and not sure what actions to take next.


      For example I have two edge routers that are connected together via two 10Gig Interfaces using LAG

      I also have a connection from the edge router to a 1Gig Interface on the firewall


      When I put the two edge routers and the firewall on a map and then run connectnow, it shows that 0 networks are discovered.  I have read the forums and think I have done all that I need to do so that these connections should show up, but maybe I am missing something.


      Any thoughts or assistance on what I might check would be appreciated.