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    IPhone App suddenly going crazy


      Just recently we have had our mobile app mass alerting us with every open ticket (with sound and message) every time a new ticket is open.  It makes the program much less useful in this state, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and or know of a fix. 

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          The general feeling I got after using the mobile app for 6 months was that Solarwinds wasn't going to fully support it. I have made this assumption so I could be wrong but I haven't read much about WHD app updates. Solarwinds is a top notch company with extremely smart teams of people but as WHD was an acquisition I somewhat get the feeling it is neglected.


          I'm sorry that I don't have an answer for you.

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              Yes, that is exactly how I feel.  Sad, because it is a decent product but since it has been bought out it just seems as if they have no interest in moving the product forward.  I am going to leave this up for a couple of days, maybe someone will see it as they come in and check the forums and have an answer.

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                  Peter Krutý

                  Hi Guys,


                  we are very much interested in moving WHD forward and Mobile App is part of the equation. I recommend if you have any specific requests to use Web Help Desk Ideation page, where other users can vote, comment and also extend the requests to theirs.


                  I assume you contacted Solarwinds support with the iPhone issue? So we can make sure to react on that.




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                      Barry Harris

                      Hi peter, I have been told that the iPhone app is to support the Tech and not the Client. Also, that the WHD application itself has had mobile and standard view support integrated into it and that (clients) should navigate to their normal WHD application using whichever supported device and browser they are using and select either the Standard or Mobile view. Is this accurate? Just trying to get an accurate scope of support statement to pass on to customers asking. And they are asking. Thanks,