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    NCM and NPM Integration on different servers

    bert vereecke

      Description of my (desired) setup

      Hi there. I'm new to NCM and NPM, and have the following infrastructure available:

      1. database server
        Win2012 R2
        SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition
      2. NPM server
        Win2012 R2
      3. NCM server
        Win2012 R2

      I would like to integrate NPM and NCM into a single console


      My Problem

      I cannot find how to integrate NPM and NCM on different servers.

      The NCM installer does not behave like described in the 'NCM Admin Guide', or the 'NCM Admin Guide' has not been updated to reflect behaviour of the newest version.


      What I've tried/done so far:

      • I first installed NPM 10.6.0 on the NPM server, and pointed the databases to the DB-server = OK
      • I then installed NCM 7.2.2 on the NCM server.
        I expected the installed would ask me 'If I wanted to use this server for your primary NCM server', but did NOT see such question. The first part of the configuration wizard created a new NCM database. When prompted for an Orion Database, I tried pointing the wizard to the existing NPM  database, but it gave me a warning. I don't remember the exact message, but I understood that this was not the way to go. I therefore created an additional Orion database.
        At this point I have NPM and NCM working, but they are not integrated.
      • I tried following 'Case 2: Move NCM Standalone and Integrate with NPM' from the NCM Admin Guide, but again. The pre-installed did not ask me 'if this server is your primary NCM server'. This time I pointed the configuration wizard to the existing NCM database, and existing Orion database (created by the NPM installer).
        Now I've ended up with an integrated NPM and NCM installation, but everything now seems to run on the NPM server.
        The installation on the NCM server is still there, but when I shut down all services on the NCM server, everything seems to remain functional.
        I don't think this is a good idea, since it might cause duplicates/conflicts.
      • The steps that describe how to move from an integrated installation on a single server towards seperate servers, also mention the question 'No, my primary NCM is on a different server', but I've never seen this so far.


      Can someone instruct me how to configure this correctly?


      Kind regards,


        • Re: NCM and NPM Integration on different servers

          Hi Bert,


          As of now, you can have NCM and NPM integrated only if they are installed/running on the same server. This is, effectively, what you achieved by Case 2. If I understand your description, you have both NPM and NCM running on the "NPM server". If you shut down the "NCM Server", but the NCM running on the "NPM Server" remains functional, that means that you have performed the migration successfully and can safely decomission the "NCM Server".

          Additionally, you have one more Orion database than you need: The one from Case 1. This can also be deleted, as your current NCM uses the Orion database created by NPM installer.


          You can find supported deployment scenarios here:

          NCM 7.x Architecture and Deployment


          If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.