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    Exclude a company from request types


      Short version:

      Is there a way of simply excluding a company from a request type?  In request types, you can specify that all companies can see that request type or only specific ones.  It would be nice if their was a third option: Exclude.  I want to exclude one company from a certain request type.  I could manually check off the specific companies I wanted to keep but then new companies are not added automatically to the allowed list.


      Long version:

      I work for a managed services provider.  Right now, I have Company A that only wants their employees to see two request types for tickets: emergency and non-emergency.  I have other request types for all the other companies.  The problem is making it so only the certain request types show up.  Basically, the way that I have it set up right now is that I've created Request Parent A containing emergency and non-emergency and Request Parent B containing the other request types.  Company A can only see Request Parent A and any other company can only see Request Parent B.  It sounds good but the problem is in the execution of this.


      In the Request Parent A, I had to select Specific under Companies and check-off Company A as the only one to see that category.  I then had to uncheck Company A from the Request Parent B.  The problem is that whenever a tech tries to create a ticket for a new client, they must manually add that client's company to Request Parent B or no request types will populate at all.  It would be better if I can specify that only Company A is excluded from Request Parent B.  This way any new companies added can see Request Parent B automatically.


      So, again, is there a way of simply excluding a company from a request type?