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    Dashboard slow refresh status



      Firstly congrats for the new 6.0.1, it is fill in many boring gaps.


      My question is why all parameters and statuses are so sluggish on the dashboards?

      I mean when we see a bad status for some parameter (CPU, Memory, free space etc...), we make improvements on this, but no changes on the dashboard.

      Manually start performance collectors but nothing...Logout/login - the same dashboard.

      But on the next day all looks good on my dashboards.

      How to refresh the dashboard manually?




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          Hi kolev,


          Are you referring to the responsiveness of the GUI or when new statuses are reflected in the GUI? How often are your performance and configuration jobs running? Have you checked the status of them on the Administration page?

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              Yes, refreshing the dashboard, go to the other dashboard contenting this widget, manually go to the machine through the alert "Guest storage space utilization" and evaluate it, but no effect.

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                  Hi Kolev,


                  Sorry, I'm still not sure what is going on from your description. Maybe posting screenshots would help me to understand what you are experiencing?

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                      Hi Balki and thanks for the answer.

                      Here is some example: I have a customized widget which show me the free space of the important servers. They have to have more than 10% free space.

                      So, when some servers break this rule I perform cleaning of the drive or/and add more drive space (there are virtual machines so this is easy).

                      And I expect to view these changes to my widget after some minutes. Start manually the collectors or evaluate again every server doesn't change anything.

                      But this issue I mentioned also for the CPU and memory changes.



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                          Storage data is collected with configuration jobs, which occur less frequently than performance jobs.  To update data immediately, you can go to the Setup tab under Collection Schedules, select your configuration jobs and press the Run Now to force collection.  Let us know if that works.