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    Potential Memory Leak in SW Info Svc v3?


      So I'm investigating what appears to be a memory leak in the v3 Info Service.  We have a case open with support who has recommended reinstalling said service but I haven't gotten to that point yet (need a change submitted and approved).  What I'm wondering is has anyone else seen this behavior.


      Here is a graph of the last 30 days.  Every steep drop off is us restarting the service because the website would lock up saying unable to connect to the information service v3.  The gap on the front end of the chart is from us patching windows so the server was rebooted then.  I can only really show 30 days of data because of our data summarization but the problem has been going on for months.


      Info Service.PNG

      Everything appears to lockup somewhere north of the 1.3GB line.  I've set an alert for 1.0GB and the NOC is restarting it proactively to prevent the outages.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  The graph shows a classic pattern of a memory leak.