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    NCM installation on a intergrated seperate server (Please Help)




      I'm using three VM servers as a SolarWinds deployment test bed.

      Each VM is running server 2012 R2, and the database server is running SQL 2012


      The Three servers are named:


      swtestapp  (Which has NPM installed)

      swtestapp2 (which is where I want to install NCM to, but integrate it with NPM on the swtestapp server)

      swtestdb (which is the database server with SQL 2012 installed)


      I have already installed NPM on swtestapp which in turn has setup an instance on the SQL server.

      And I want to install NCM on swtestapp2 but have it integrated with NPM on swtestapp, but when I run the install for NCM it just wants to install as if it was a stand alone product.


      I'm fairly new to this and it's proving to be a pretty steep but interesting learning curve.


      I hope there's someone out there who can understand my pain and frustration.


      Kind Regards