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    User Device Tracker - Port Availability


      We are running UDT ver 3 and both hotfixes installed.


      UDT has a nice dashboard feature that shows you the total ports, used ports and then free ports.

      Problem is that it's not a true reflection of the physical port count.

      - this port count includes :

        - switch ports - "user" ports

        - stack ports

        - uplink (trunk) ports

        - VLANs


      So here's the problem

      on a Cisco Catalyst 2960 S stack with 2 members  ( both are 48 port switches) and a total of 96 ports I get :

      - 1 x vlan interface

      - 6 x Stack Ports

      - 96 x normal "user" ports

      - 8 x uplink ports

      - 1 x FA0 port


      I understand that I can stop monitoring some of these ports and that would "sort out" my port count issue, but it's not an option, I need to also monitor these ports.

      What I'm basically looking for is a report that I can permanently insert into the dashboard that will reflect specified ports (like port gig 1/0/1-24), which will be a true reflection of user usable ports.


      Any assistance will be appreciated