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    Thwack "upgrade" is TERRIBLE


        Wow.  Was there any announcement that Thwack was going to be altered like this?  Let's begin:


      1)  Now when I go into a forum, I can see all of about 8 discussions because now, I see part of the body of each discussion, instead of just the topics. I've gone through my Preferences but I don't see where this is set (and why should I have to waste time trying to put things back anyway??)


      2)  Search is far, far worse. Now it defaults to searching Content, instead of the Forums, and when I select Forums to search it tells me there are no results when I know that there are.


      3)  In the previous version, there was a check box icon in the upper left that showed me when I had updated threads or messages. Now that's gone and I have no idea if I have anything of the sort.



      This is only within the first 20 minutes of using the new site. Now I have to spend another hour trying to figure it out. Solarwinds is supposed to be (I thought) about SAVING time.