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    SWQL Query tool


      Can i attach the SWQL Query tool to Virtualization Manager?


      If not, what is the process to get attached to the database for queries?

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          yes starting with Virtualization Manager 6.0 provides a SWIS service to which you can connect using the SWQL Studio. However, be aware that since support for this was added mainly for purpose of integration with SAM and NPM it was tuned up for that specific purpose. This means that you may not be able to access all the data that you would like to this way.


          Connecting to the Virtualization Manager is a little bit different from connecting to the Orion SWIS:


          1. You need to specify full endpoint address in the following format:
          2. Then for the Server Type select: Java over HTTP
          3. You can then log in using Virtualization Manager credentials


          Following is the screenshot of the log in dialog:



          Now I suppose that you have default Virtualization Manager installation which uses self signed certificate for the HTTPS port, if that is the case you will see another dialog informing you about certificate issue. When you see this dialog just hit Yes.




          After that you should be able to see and query some of the Virtualization Manager entities:



          Let me know if you have any questions.

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