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    How do I import subnets with IPs for scanning?




      I am trying to import our /16 into IPAM, I have figured out how to import the subnets, but I can't find a way to have it automagically apply the IPs in those subnets for scanning/tracking.  I see the bulk create, but our IPs are subnetted into ranges of differing sizes, plus the allocation tool creates new ranges instead of adding them already existing ones.


      What am I missing to make this work?  Ideally, I would like to import the Network address and subnet mask and have it import and add the IPs in each subnet.




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          BUMP, anybody? 


          I'm running into the same problem



          Thank you

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              IPAM does support automatic scans for IP subnets smaller than /24 (it's because of long time needed for scan of single /16 IP address space). we typically recommend to create /16 supernets (your existing range) and then create smaller subnets (/24 or smaller) which will automatically create IP address scan jobs and can do scanning simultaneously.


              Let me know if this helps you guys.

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                  Hi Michal,


                  Thank you for your response,


                  I understand that IPAM supports automatic scans for ip subnets, and the recommendation of creating supernets, However:


                  I have found that when importing subnets via a spreedsheet it does not automatically create the corresponding IP address range.

                  In my humble opinion, this would be a nice feature as the current work flow for importing subnets and corresponding IP Address range is this:

                  1.)  Import Spreedsheet containing Subnets

                  2.)  Following the Subnet import:

                       A.)  Import another spreedsheet containing the ip address range that corresponds to the Subnets that were just imported.


                       B.) Manually Create the individual IP Address Range that corresponds to the Subnets that were just imported.


                  The flow of the tasks sounds easy enough. Albeit it is, but by having the option to create the IP Addresses during the import of subnets would add greater flexability to your IPAM product.  By importing the Subnets via a spreedsheet, we are specifying the required information for the subnet import to create ip addresses (automatically).   With in the Subnet import we are specifying the subnet and mask.


                  Unfortunatly, I was not able to make use of your IP Address import via a Spreedsheet, and resorted in doing the IP Addresses manually, though the tasks to accomplish this (is/was) easy enough,  it still took a good bit of time to accomplish and during the manual IP Address creation I kept thinking to myself that it would have been a nice feature if the Subnet Import via a spreedsheet had the option to create the corresponding IP Addresses automatically.  As my import of the subnets was substantial and the tasks became very tedious, very quickly.


                  Thank you for your time



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                Solarwinds has an internal-only tool you have to contact support to get.

                It requires local (not domain) credentials to your IPAM instance and will fill in all empty subnets with IP's


                I have no idea why the import method does not fill in the IP's.


                I've uploaded it here, but I imagine it won't last forever: FileSwap.com : AddIps.7z download free

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