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    Buggy product


      Hi development team,

      today I realized that emails disappear in the system. I wondered not to find some type of alert mails as alert in AlertCentral. To test if they just don't arrive in the mailbox or what else happens I shutdown the AlertCentral appliance. After that I found the mails as expected in the inbox. Then I started the appliance, the emails disappered from the inbox but did not produce any alert!


      My idea was that there could be some wrong rule. But there is no easy way to get an overview about what my rules do (feature request for that is open). So I completely removed all rules, and expected to get an unrecognized alert for this type of mail. But: no alert or triggered whatever appears!!!


      What a user definitely needs is a kind of log to figure out what happens with a mail from his inbox. There should be some logentry from where I can get the original mail, the applied alert source/rule and what happened.


      So I canceled my "testing" of your free and buggy pre-alphy product. I hope the development team will do some work, there are a lot of things to do before this product gets usefull.




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          Hi, Marco.


          AlertCentral trashes alerts only if there is a source rule that explicitly specify to do this in some user defined situations (AC does not have this policy by default).

          If you have no rules or incoming email does not match any of the existing rules than new alert will be created (but in 'Triggered' state; not assigned to any group or user).

          I don't know why in your case behavior is different.

          Can you attach logs, so we can try to look closer at this problem? (Instructions for collecting Alert Central Logs)




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            I have yet to impliment the Alert Central;  But I was able to find a report that shows you the alerts and actions when they are triggered.

            ** Sorry to the developer for lack of reference, msg me and I can edit this, I could not find the post that this came from.


            It will show you if the initial email out of NPM Alerts has failed for any reason, and this has helped me to fix several alert issues.


            SELECT TOP 1000 *

              FROM [AlertLog]

              where ActionType = 'EMail'

              order by LogDateTime desc