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    Virtual Paths - cannot get them to work


      Hi there


      I am new to this forum and definitely new to the ftp site.  I have been trying for a few days now to grant access to a shared folder, most of my users will be accessing the site through a web browser.  Their home directories are set as /Folder/%USER% and the folder I want them all to see is /Folder/Shared Images.  Can anyone please assist as the user guides I have managed to find are not that clear.


      Many thanks


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          Try to follow these steps:

          1. Navigate to directories -> virtual paths

          2. Press "Add" and enter "/Folder/Shared Images" as physical Path and let's say "%HOME%/Shared Images" as virtual path

          3. Navigate to "Directory access" tab
          4. Create new directory access rule with path: "/Folder/Shared Images" and set permissions that you want
          5. Save it & test it. Now you should see "Shared Images" folder under each user home directory in that domain.