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    How about a discussion group revolving around unintended uses or improvisation?


      I could have sworn that there was an option somewhere to start a group, but my search-fu is a little weak today I guess.


      Some people think inside the box, and some people think outside the box, and some of us realize the truth... "There is no Box."



      I was inspired by Detroiter's use of the system to get around the limits of the system (Re: Application custom properties in advanced alerts) and it reminded me of quirky things I've done in the past, like using environment variables to store macros to replace function calls (goto labels) in batch files significantly decreasing execution time. Or utilizing stored procedures and xp_Sendmail to compile alert related data from the database to send an informational alert to alleviate some of the initial time spent investigating alerts.



      Wouldn't it be nice to have a place here on Thwack dedicated to the thought that our tools are not limited by the published feature sets or their own stated limitations, but instead are only limited by our imagination.



      Here's one I came up with recently because I wanted to be able to change kiwi registry settings via script on demand and restart the services:


      Remote Powershell access via port udp 514: