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    NPM Bandwidth Reports on Multilink interfaces shows double amount of traffic


      percent utilization and average bps  show for example,  a multilink with 2 t1s for 3 mb as having 6 mb receive traffic. A 4 T1 multilink shows 12 mb instead of 6mb.

      I have Cisco 2901 with 15.2 and 15.3 code with issue.

      I did find some of them had load intervals set to 30 seconds instead of default of 300 seconds and changed those back to default but hasn't changed the data collected since. it still report double the bandwidth. 

      I have already searched Cisco caveats and didn't find anything. It is appears to not be platform, IOS or Orion Poller specific as far as I can tell.

      It is not consistent on the issue with same Platform and IOS shows correct bandwidth next 3 shows the double and the next one is correct.

      samples attached are attached.