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    How do you go about creating a Universal Device Poller?


      I am new to Solarwinds ... please forgive my newbie-ness. 


      I have started using UnDPs for monitoring APC UPSes.  Thank You aLTeReGo for your excellent document at APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers


      I've found the Content Exchange and there's great stuff there!  Thank You aLTeReGo (APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers) and jbaulsir (APC Automatic Transfer Switch Oids)  for sharing your UnDPs.


      So now I am wondering how you went about creating the UnDPs.  I found the free SNMP Walk tool http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/SupportTools/SolarWindsSnmpWalk.zip


      Also I was experimenting with creating views as described in aLTeReGo's awesoem document.


      Any ideas how to build a summary table view of all of my UPSes?  Something like:


      UPS    Charge %  Load %    Battery Replace Date    Run Time


      I can see how to have a view with one attribute, but not how to make a table.


      I promise if you help me learn I will post everything I create!