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    Scheduling on-call issues


      Ok - we have three groups that we are evaluating this server for.  Each group has a different number of members and a different schedule.


      Group 1 - on-call duties rotate monthly (3 engineers, on call 3x a year).

      Group 2 - on-call duties rotate every 3 weeks (3 engineers, on call every 3rd week)

      Group 3 - on-call duties rotate every 10 weeks  (10 techs, on call, in order, every 10 weeks.)


      So - if I setup the on-call schedule for a one time thing - for example the one month at a time, you natrually would click on the "Recur" optoin to have the on-call schedule repeat every 3rd month. Well, the result was NOT what I expected.  when I click the RECUR option, it (alert central) seems to IGNORES the on-call schedule, and only shows that person on call for 1 day.  Un-tick the check box, and the schedule shows that guy is on call EVERY DAY in the schedule (i.e. - 9/2/2013 to 9/30/2013).


      Now - am I using the RECUR option incorrectly?  I would think if I click on the RECUR, its to setup a recurring schedule for this person, on this calendar, based on the dates provided, on the schedule provided.  Is this a bug, or does it work as intended, and I am off my rocker to have this feature?

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          If you want to set up recurring schedule there are few things that you must follow.

          1. period (fromDate - toDate) -- all your recurring preferences will be in this date range.

          So if you configure event to recur every month, but set range less or equal to 1 month -- as result you get single event.

          2. all recurring options (days, frequency, etc) are set in additional options (and not by the date range).

          So in my example you see that user admin will be on call every 3th week on Thursday. This will continue until endDate of my date range.





          Stepan Husak

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            Kellie Mecham

            Hi Don,


            So pleased to find you asking this question here! We're doing some work as soon as possible to uncover what the issues are here with calendars (sounds like there might be some usability issues).  Any chance we could get an hour of your time for you to show us how you currently use it, and then tell us how you'd like it to work?  You can email me directly at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com or just reply to this message.  Oh--and you'll get 2,000 thwack points for spending time with us.  Thanks!