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    Multiple alerts on single router.


      I have a core router which have 32 interfaces, I want to set trigger for 18 interfaces only so that if any of 18 interfaces is down alert email is generated. Kindly advise what to do.

      I don't want to create multiple entries.

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          Easiest way would be to configure an interface status alert under "Basic Alert Manager" and not include the interfaces you do not wish to be alerted on.

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            I would use Advanced Alert Manager, as the basic is next to useless in my mind.  And depending on what interfaces you want monitored and how they are labeled. You may be able to use an interface contains, or a caption contains (interface desc) to single in on those interfaces you want to alert on specifically.


            Other wise the long road,

            When ALL conditions Met

            Node = X(name)

            Interface = Down (or Not up, if you want shutdown conditions)

              * condition of ANY following Items

                             Interface = 1/0/1

                             interface = 1/0/2  (all the way to 18, or whatever int you are on)



            Otherwise use Interface Caption, or maybe VLAN tagging;  you can always input a custom property and make this a value to use for your alert.



            Interface Caption contains (project/app/department identifier)  

            int = down

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                Thanks cahunt.


                SQL query is good option to use . I would like to share another method also. so users can choose whatever they are feasible with.

                use Alert functions, Triggering with OR operator.


                Nested conditions in ORION. If we set conditions in such a way that if parent condition(Marked by square) is true then it will check nested condtion

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                    You could make mine SQL, I was just laying out the logic, and you nailed it based on specific interface. Though unless you want to build in another simple condition (single matching of a status or property), I would take out the top ANY  (start with ALL conditions - int status down, node name ='s then ANY interface names = the ones you want to trigger on).


                    Too much nesting or an advanced nest above a more simple nest can make the alert mgr stumble. If you get too many conditions in the alert it is then better to go SQL or break up the alert into 1 or 2 possibly. What you have is good!