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    Text not found in error

    Fred Lipton

      We had a problem with one of the running monitors where the error was "Page doesn't contain text 'My Projects'" but the screenshot that went with the error clearly shows the text 'My Projects' was, in fact, there.  I can understand a one-off but this has occurred 9 times in last 4 days according to the t/a monitor's page.


      This t/a monitor has been running fine for several weeks and continues to run fine with these exceptions, we made no changes the scripted steps, the error occurred several times over the last few days [so it wasn't likely to be related to the monthly MS patching which occurred early this morning].


      The IE versions in the players are running IE8 to match our supported browser specs for proper rendering.


      Anyone else see something like this?

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          Hello Fred,

          how long is the timeout for text match action? Is there a chance that text does not appear in defined timeframe? Let's say that action timeout is set to default 30 seconds. If text appears after 31 seconds, action fails but before final screenshot is taken, text is there so it's included in the screenshot. Can you try to increase action timeout to see if it helps?