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    Orion.ActiveAlerts - can I get the "Trigger Action" to run for all Active Alerts?


      Can someone use the SDK (PowerShell hopefully) to have Orion execute the "Trigger Action" for all Orion.Active Alerts?


      Use Case:

      NPM is successfully sending Alerts to centralized Alert system.  In Advanced Alert manager the "Trigger Action" is configured and working just fine.  Trigger Action is to run an external program.   This is all working fine.  But when the centralize alert system is restarted / rebooted, Alerts are deleted and all tools that send Alerts are triggered to resend all active alerts.   How can NPM do the same thing?


      to restate the use case:

      - centralized Alert System is restarted/ rebooted

      - during restart sequence, the Active Alerts from NPM are all deleted in the centralized alert management system

      - need to have NPM resend all Active Alerts to repopulate central alerting system