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    IPAM 4.0 IP Address conflict - hsrp


      I've upgrade our Orion environment with IPAM 4.0. One of the new features is the 'IP Address Conflicts'. Upgrade went well and the system is now reporting some Alerts en Events:



      The IP address is in conflict.

      The following devices were detected on network with same IP address:


      - PingSweep vs Neighbor data MAC: 10-8C-CF-20-08-41, MAC: 00-00-0C-9F-F3-CA



      This IP address is configured as gateway address for a vlan on multiple Cisco switches with the HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) (Cisco proprietary redundancy protocol like vrrp). Because of this setup there are multiple MAC address that are using the IP address.

      Is there a way to disable the 'IP Address conflict' on one IP Address?