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    report as dashboard


      Is there an options generated pdf  reports to looks like my customized dashboard?

      For example, I have a dashboard with 8 graphics on a single screen (w/o need of scrolling).

      So, I need to view these graphics on only one page in the report, not to list/print 8 pages for this.

      It's presumes that the report need to be in landscape view!

        • Re: report as dashboard

          Unfortunately there is no way how to achieve your goal so far. In a pinch and in case you don't require scheduling, you could start your vman web console like this: http://<your_vman_appliance>/swvm/AppContainer.jsp?moduleUrl=ModDashboard.swf

          This will load only the dashboard without the menu controls. Using some PDF print driver may bring you the result which is a little bit simillar to what you need.