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    Additional Web Front End


      Is there any benefit in having another web front end? Currently I have NPM,SAM and NTA on the same server.


      Looking to see what others have done to help performance.



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          Leon Adato

          I have used the additional poller in my last two jobs for the following reasons:

          1. To be able to make the SolarWinds "portal" to external users without exposing an actual poller to the DMZ
            1. This also includes making any web-centric tasks (restarting the web server, updating certificates, etc) less of an impact on the actual polling engine
          2. To offload all web browsing tasks (including reports, etc) from the primary poller which is already busy with job scheduling and alert handling
          3. (until NMP 10.5) to allow us to have an "official" set of reports on the web server, but to be able to work with a pre-production version residing on the primary poller. This was mostly just a pain to keep syncronized however, so it's not really that much of a loss now that 10.5 doesn't use this functionality any more.


          (note that my last two jobs also used additional pollers, so the primary was a key resource to treat gently)