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    Change default web URL


      I am working on a report for my EOC that will pull all the Triggered alerts from the 4 Orion instances i manage.  The report works great, but i am having one major issue.  I wanted to have the Node Captions link to the proper node Details page for that node.  My EOC database resides on the same SQL server as one of my instances.  However, using the standard "/Orion/View.aspx?View=NodeDetails&NetObject=N:${NodeID}" automatically adds the base URL of the EOC database's host Orion instance.


      Try as i might, I cannot seem to change that first website section for "http://ORIONSERVER" to accept a variable even though the EOC_Orion table maintains the websites for each instance.


      Is there anyway around this or am I stuck?


      Furthermore, can a custom SELECT statement be used within that Web URL section?  Something akin to what can be down within Alert messages?  ${SQL: SELECT table.column FROM table Where something = somthingelse}

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          I've created this if you want to vote for it... I'll also try and post the steps that will allow you to change the default URL via the database.



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            Here's a work around until this gets added...  Keep in mind anytime you do an update, or use the Configuration Manager, you will need to redo this setting.



            On your Orion server... open the Database Manager.  I would recommend using an account that has full SQL rights.




            Once opened, click on the Add default server


            Expand the SQL server tree and find your Orion database, and then expand it.


            Find the table called Websites, and double click it.


            The table should now open with a default query.  Click Execute query, then click Enable table editing, and then modify the ServerName field to fit your needs.


            Once finished, click on the Close tab, and close the Database Manager.  The changes will take affect shortly, but a reboot will force the changes.

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              This post is old.  A couple of people in my company saw this post and were probably gonna start updating the database had I not gotten involved :-)


              Now, as of version 12.1 (maybe as of version 12.0 or even sooner maybe) you can go to "Settings > Web Console Settings" and put in the web address you want alert emails to point to.  For us, we have a load balancer in front of our two additional web servers, so we put in our VIP's DNS address there so that when we put the AlertDetailsUrl variable in our alert messages it will use this address instead of the primary server's address.  No database editing needed.


              What I'm still trying to figure out though is how to get device detail URL's to show the VIP's DNS address.  If you use the device detail URL macro variable in an alert message it still uses the Primary server's address instead of the VIP.  I think the "Web Browse Template" setting under individual nodes' "Edit Properties" will do what I'm wanting, but I feel like changing this setting for all Nodes can't be the recommended way.  There has to be a global place to change this...  I know I can bulk edit node properties, but we have over 3,000 nodes so bulk editing can still be quite a pain.  Plus, I don't want to have to keep changing this setting every time a new node is added (which is quite frequently with us).


              If anyone knows how to globally change the URL for object details like we can now change the URL for alert details then please let me know.

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